Construction Management Consulting

Our construction management service ensures a project’s success by meeting

expectations of quality, time and cost. By managing risks and controlling costs,

our experienced construction managers focus on achieving the end result while

monitoring the ongoing details. This comprehensive management at every stage

of the project includes pre-construction planning, complete construction

oversight, and post-construction services.


Our service includes:

1. Pre-Construction Services     2. Construction Services            3. Post-Construction Services

  Scheduling                                       Develop Phasing Requirements       Warranty Preparation
              Estimating                                        Scheduling                                         Punch List Control
              Establish Project Goals                   Drawing Review                                 Warranty/Guarantee Enforcement
              Establish Project Feasibility           Quality Management Controls                  Equipment Operations Procedures                              
              Value Engineering                           Documentation Coordination            Operating and Maintenance Manuals
              Establish Project Budget                Cost Control                                        Record Drawings
              Coordination of Subcontractor       Project Safety                                      
              Coordination of Supplier Bids        Job Site Security Management
              Permitting                                        Human Resource Management
                                                                          Project Close-Out                                                             




Our design-build services are the perfect combination of client-centered

focus and general contracting expertise. The project team includes an Architect,

Interior Designer, Construction Manager, Purchasing Agent, Construction Bid

Coordinator, Superintendent, and Independent Engineers. We build the project,

furnish it, and move in the owner.












Our initial process includes:

  Preliminary Discovery Session


  Prepare Preliminary Plans

  Develop a Scope of Work 

  Prepare Cost Estimates

  Total Concept Result                                            



General Contracting

We work with home-owners, builders, and cities to provide competitive bidding on projects.

Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior

craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty, and integrity.


Our service may include:

              Home Remodeling                           Deck Construction               Foundations

  Kitchen Remodeling                       Retaining Walls                   Concrete Work

  Bathroom Remodeling                    Additions                              Dry Rot Repair

  Earthquake Retrofits                       Patios                                   Driveways  

  Roofs                                                Drainage                               Leak Detection & Repair

  Demolition                                       Electrical                              Framing

  Drywall                                             Doors                                    Gutters

  Fireplaces                                         Stucco                                  Heating & Air Conditioning

  Siding                                               Tile                                        Granite

  Granite                                             Landscaping                        Spas/Saunas



Facility Management

We offer a complete facility, property and maintenance management program

that will increase the functionality, quality, and economics of your property.

owners can be assured that their facility is adequately prepared for both day-

to-day and long term operations. As part of this service, we perform an

assessment of a facility’s physical conditions as well as its mechanical or

operational systems. This analysis allows for better control, expenditure

forecasting, and quality assurance.


Our service includes:


  Property Management                                24hr On-Call Emergency Service

  Tenant Relations                                         Building System Review and Analysis

  Contracting of Building Services                Preventative Maintenance Program

  Property Budgeting and Capital Budgeting



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